Caly Sarteryn

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Name: Caly.
Gender: Female.
Race: Kitsune-fiend! Likely half-fiend in truth, possibly Fey'ri or similar.
Weight: Currently negligible.
Height: Currently 3'6".
Body: Exceptionally curvy and yielding to the touch (Where appropriate. Her bones and such are pretty solid!)
Age: Over a century, under a millennium
Hair: Currently auburn.
Eyes: Currently lavender.
Skin: Currently olive.
Languages: Common, Elvish, Draconic. Crude understanding of Deep Drow.
Voice: Lilting, sing-song.
Features: A fiesty kitten-fiend well-suited to the laps of most human-sized creatures.
-A pair of fox ears, tufted with fur.
-A floofy fox tail.

She is a shortstack with an intensely curious nature, ears perking at any sound, tail often lashing the air behind her, and all the quicker that lashing when she spots or hears something of interest to her.

She smells of lavender and vanilla, of late.

Accessories: She is possessed of a pair of accessories, in most circumstances:
-Neck: An amulet bearing a red knight chess piece, the holy symbol of the Red Knight, Lady of Strategy.
-Left Hip: A small satchel of holding.

Often, she will produce various journals or notebooks from that satchel of holding, along with enchanted quills, in order to read or jot down thoughts or observations on her surroundings.

Notable Traits: In spite of obviously fiendish heritage, she seems to be far more interested in pursuits both scholarly and martial than in deviousness, nogoodnik-isms, or painfully stereotypical overt attempts at seducing or corrupting the virtuous. She equally seems to only eat or drink as mortals do when it would be polite or socially advantageous to do so, however, suggesting she receives sustenance through some other means.

Behavior: Excitable and rambunctious when around those she knows, or desires to know, and calm and restrained when around strangers or when working on one project or another. As likely to see her scampering about or chattering excitedly with a crowd of acquaintances as to spy her seated whilst reading on a bench or in a library or study, scritching away at some parchment or studiously scribing magical scrolls. Any flirtations she engages in seem to be solely aimed at males, though there is no discernible pattern therein; she banters with slight halflings as quickly as musclebound minotaurs, and anything in between. That is not to say she does not have or seek female friends, but if she has something akin to a 'roving eye', it does not ever seem to land on the fairer sex.

Sexual orientation:
Heterosexual/Straight (Heavily likes males).

Red Lights:
Violation of Server Rules, Ageplay, Gore, Vore, Permadeath, Dismemberment, Excreta, Foot play, Shemales, Hermaphrodites.

Borderline No-go:
Females, BDSM play, Impregnation/Breeding.

Romance, Enslavement.

CTF PvP, Smokers, Drow, Angels/Celestials, Fey Critters, Well-hung Smaller Partners (Halflings, Imps, Kobolds, etc.), Muscular Partners, Lithe Partners, Oral (Giving), Paizuri/Titjobs (Giving), Outercourse, Friends with Benefits, Secret Fuck Buddies, Lots & Lots of Cum, Large Endowments, Throat/Facefucking, Addictions (Cum, primarily), Exotic Partners, Clothed Sex.

Adventure, Exploring, Faction RP & PvP, Spanking (Receiving!)

Very tell friendly~
Player:Shiny Object of Ephemeral Fixation
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human