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Revised Bio, 5/15/2018!

Kela is a demoness that was not raised down where her kind is usually raised, she was created in a labratory, far far away. Generally, she is confused about life, she has no real hobbies and her only built in desire is to chase down elves and get to know them.

She does not know why she feels she has to know this pointy-eared race but since she has never met her creator, she may never know. She also has a struggle with understanding love and what it is  


Whites: Elves, Other demoness', some cum inflation, cuckholding, large penetration, hyper/macro cock/balls, switching. Females, herms, other shemales.

Greens: Halflings, Group sex, enslaving (elves!), harems (of elves), anal (giving or receiving), giving vaginal penetration, impregnating elves. Could be more, just ask!

Yellows: Watersports, Vore (I either am truly in the mood, or I am not.), light bondage

Red: Males, heavy bondage, scat, any large amounts of blood, or death of my character. Will speak up if there's something I don't enjoy that isn't listed here.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human