You spy a male fairy of quite unusual size. Strongly built and normally clad in his suit of greenish and silver armor. Standing around the modest size between a halfling or dwarf. The fey's features are ultimately youthful and smoothly chiseled. His skin is evenly tanned in a rich mocha hue. Hair contrasting sharply with a snowy white hue. The air around him carries a faint scent of rosemary or mint, whilst always seeming to waft a cold chill of wintry air.

It is obvious he does not engage in direct melee confrontations, usually taking to firing his bow whilst zipping from place to place. His large wings slightly supple in how they bend with each movement, and yet able to go fully rigid upon a moment's notice for ultra-quick movement. Where this fails him, he makes use of his innate magic to transpose himself someplace advantageous to shoot from.

Though it would be unwise to overlook the fact he wears a sword sized to his person on his side. Though not his favored method of combat, it is surely one he is prepared to use when necessary!

His ears are uniquely slender, extra-long, and apparently a massive erogenous zone. Hence why he protects them with a big and custom-made hood!

             --IC Nonsense--

Projecting a minor aura of what can only be defined as 'lust'. Whether he's aware of it or not remains to be seen. This effect appears as delicate fairy dust style particles that drift out from his beating wings. It tends to inspire libidinous reactions, always a party-favorite and ice-breaking way to meet someone is to make them immediately horny for some reason! Note: This does not make someone blatantly lust for -him-, more like a Cupid effect that might spur lovers into doing the deed!

A minor aura of evil persists around him, more particularly a minor chaotic aura of a high-grade blackguard or demon. Not that he's a demon, but it's obvious to those with extra-sensory abilities that he's been thoroughly tainted by some form of darkness. Or perhaps carrying some form of evil artifact? Maybe! One would have to just find out.

The fey-creature that he is, this fellow is rather well endowed! Able to perhaps rival particularly stout ogres in size. While perhaps thankfully not so massive as to make snug britches an issue beyond being obvious when he's interested in someone!

He sometimes turns into a black unicorn. Why? Muh in-character reasons. Feel free to question at your leisure.

             ---OOC Stuph---

The player is not the character, much like an actor who assumes a role, I like to delve into my character to the fullest. Escaping from the woes of daily life through this old game, and hopefully with interesting people. Sometimes we try to laugh to forget. That said.

None of the IC Nonsense is absolutely necessary. React to it if you wish, or don't. Just kinda throwing it in there. Cause why not?

Reds: Sadism, gore, pedophilia, snuff.

Yellows: Rape - character would never do it, but if you might want to jump -him-, lemme know first? Any and all beings of sentient life that could be classified as "furries": catlings, kitsune and anything that presents as straight up anthro-animal. All shall be judged on a case by case basis. Mythical monsters are however cool.

Greens: Fun roleplay, adventuring, dungeon crawls, events, conversations. Wild and lewd encounters are welcome, walk-ups, private messages that are polite and friendly. Impregnation, risk or certainty.

Whites: Strong women, monster women, evil women, good women, angels, demons, devils, other fey, and pretty much anything identified as feminine. This could also include particularly effeminate men.

Personal note: I enjoy writing, roleplaying, and writing well-roleplayed smut. With that stated, if you're not having fun - let me know and we can part ways amicably and possibly as friends. Sometimes peoples' fetish materials just don't sync up well! This happens. Believe me, if I'm not having fun with some particular smut, I'm gonna make it known. If it sounds elitist, meh?
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human