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Name: Peraena
Occupation: Sorceress
Specialism: Transmutation

Peraena resents restrictions and challenges her tradition. She defies rules and rulegiving where she simply loves to be a free spirit. Her own words of advice and her own thoughts mostly weighing heavier than opinions of others.
She is the daughter of Lae'na, and certainly acts like that. At times she can be rather snobby and selfish. Though does live up to the standards her mother put her up with, But not Without complaining..

Her posture is between the size of an elf and a halfling, Her skin colour that of her mothers; Though more the aqua-blue of Lae'na.
She adores to play with magic, and certainly defies some laws of physics with her transmutational magic. Enjoying to mix it in along with playing naughtily.

Among the skin colour she inherited, Both the large breasts among other things she gained..

- Herms
- Shemales
- Men
- Females
- Enormous
- Physics-Defying play

- Finding out in due play

Please don't hesitate to tell me. I certainly am tell-friendly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf