Elizabeth Tempest

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-At a glance-

Full Name: Elizabeth Tempest
Race: Yokai/Nogitsune
Height: 7' even
Weight: 'She thick'
Build: Matronly
Bust: 40K
Skin:  Ebony
Fur: Blackberry purple
Eyes: Magenta
Sex:  Broodmother
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi-Lesbian (Also Very Tentaclesexual)
Disposition: Predatory Femdom
Aspect: Primordial Darkness

-rp bio-
     Darkness takes form of a truly lovely creature before you. Sensual sin wrapped in ebony flesh and defined by the many experiments and changes she has done upon herself. This was no shiftier instead, closer to a chimera for being many monsters at once.. Her body was as strong as any amazon's form yet she still drew upon her own style of mystic and void forces. Her eyes had slits and glowed of other worldly power.. Yet for as intimating as she might have been she seemed surprisingly social and compromising. Smiling, smoking and drinking, not unpleasant at all to be around due to the rich aromas of tobaccos and herbs and of course narcotics  with those keen of noise. A rather mature and matronly look about her wrapped  up with a wide full lipped  smile and round face..

      Her body seemed to be a mix of vulpine traits, so the canine and feline aspects were more than apparent tho, she had a wonderful mix of dragonic blood shown by her solid as, steel muscles, smooth, strong and nearly invisible scales that covered her form however, they could be felt upon her skin with a mere touch. What was odd was odd about her was the third aspect about this creature.. Along her her biceps, thighs and even hips were tightly closed slits in her flesh, only about in inch or a few centimetres long. They seemed to allow whatever slithered under her flesh from time to time, to access out the outside world. The slithering movements even seeming to happen even under her very big breasts..

      There was quite the other worldly nature about her so one could get the hint she was way past normal and perhaps even dangerous. Tho if one were to look too deeply into the void, one might just get an answer back and much more they they bargained for!

-A few RP powers-
(Theses are for flavor, not enforced unless one wants their character affected by them.)

Hypnotic smoke:
Years of playing with drugs, medicines and potions have paid off. Not only does she have immunity to most poisons  and narcotics. From her pipe she can produce a mind affecting smoke, either straight mind control or a powerful aphrodisiac.

Shadow/shade kinesis:
What use is a void based witch without the power to control shadows and like tentacles? (hentai alert!)

Venom saliva/kiss:
Magic and alchemy have lead to kisses being intoxicating, quite literally. Tho of course she can pick and choose when it activates.

Accelerated pregnancy:
She is a brood mamma and she can pump them out very quickly. In a few days to a few weeks same goes for the females she affects.

Energy drain/ Tail stealing:
As a former Nogitsune she of course could steal tails. Now a days it's a much broader power akin to that of a succubus' however, now she's just an energy vampire. Soul, magic, aether, corruption, divine blessings, emotions good or bad doesn't matter she can eat energy and many forms of it.


Purples/Whites:Yuri, Emotionless sex (huge fave), DOM on DOM, Forced/Non con/Dub con(Receiving or Giving it),  MILFS, Broken But Beautiful, Unique monster girls, Highly Excess cum/ooze, Vaginal(Giving/Receiving), Vaginal worship, Breeding (Giving/Receiving), Ovipositors and Egg laying, Large breasts, Breast play, Tribadisum, squirting, Slime/ooze/goo, bondage, Sexual horror, Highly unusual cum of any type, Large insertions, multiple RP sessions with same character.

Greens: Canines (wolfs/hounds),  Herms, Monsters, D&S, Predator and prey rp, Bondage, Monstrous creatures (Tentacle monsters, Aberrations) Very exotic cocks, Demons, Angels, Magics in ERP

Yellows: Normal Males, Shemales, Vanilla sex, Anal sex, No bio (A bit fiffy about no flavor text)

yellow/red: OOC set ups (Their are exceptions however, most of the time it's a turn off as she enjoys random hunting the most)

Reds: Anal rape, Scat, feet licking, age play, children.

~Tell friendly will answer questions~
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human