Caelasulathi Kerithrion

This young female elf seems to have all the famously attractive traits of her species: a beautiful face, silky black hair, long, slim neck, luscious lips, a graceful body - unusually tall, taller than humans in fact, a pair of round breasts, somewhat disproportionately large for her figure; a flat belly, slender but feminine curves, long, shapely legs, smooth, soft pale skin with just a hint of blue. Her gestures are like her body: elegant and alluring, walking with the entrancing sway of her pear-shaped rear, every movement seemingly aimed to entice and arouse. She wears clothes to match, blatantly putting her features on display, barely hiding the most risque spots to leave something to the imagination - and desire. She is always squeaky clean, with a hint of a perfumy scent for those she lets close.
The only truly out of place feature is her large, deep green eyes, not matching the color pattern of her body at all, likely capturing any gaze that fall upon her face - and able to resist the lure of her often displayed cleavage. Watchers of those eyes would soon notice something peculiar: while the woman's voice is as attractive - with a subtle hint of sensuality, and a promise of pleasures to come - as her figure, her tone and expressions never actually show any emotions. Far from a golem's featureless face however, she seems to be in a constant state of calmness, speaking with a patient and polite tone, regardless of the topic, her face similarily even-tempered. As natural and pretty she may seem at first, a lengthy observation of her face may soon make the weak-willed somewhat nervous, especially if they watch her green eyes, which appear warm and friendly first, but that is soon overtaken by a sensation of hidden coldness, almost as if staring into the unblinking eyes of a snake, watching its prey. However, even to those most uncomfortable, she never seems threatening - indeed, the figurative and quite literal softness of her person would not allow anything of the sort.

Red: violence, scat
Greens: everything else
Whites: breeding, impregnation, beasts, monstrous creatures

It is impossible to make a complete list of lights so this isn't one, and while I am generally openminded, even I have limits. If you want to try something you know is uncommon, it's better to ask lest you risk the RP scene being interrupted. This should be common sense really, but apparently some people need to be told.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf