Thisalee Crowe

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(The Beach Bunny's would like to thank everyone that has contributed
(knowingly or unknowingly) to the following Bio Template.)

Name: Thisalee Crowe
Age: 18
Race: Eastern Tribes Human (Asian)
Sex: Female
Eyes: Jade Green
Height 4'10"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Measurements: 30A/25/32
Faction: "Cat ta Berry Beach Bunny"

Skin: Usually Pale Tan in color with flawless tone but is currently quite well tanned from her time in the sun on the beach.

Orientation: Straight (too naive to know there is another way)

Build: Petite, with small gentle mounds for breasts and slightly defines hips, very little body fat.

Physical Features: short with perfectly manicured hair and destinct asian (Eastern Tribes) features and the most adorable freckles.


City: Fukama
Country: Kozakura
Continent: Kara-Tur
World: Abeir-Toril

there are several schools of thought on this server as to where the Sinfar Isles exist but for the sake of this bio we are going to assume that this group of islands is in the Forgotten Realms.


The young Eastern Tribes woman that stands before you is only just barely more than a girl, she carries herself with a shy, reserved, quiet and unassumingly subservient posture and attitude. Her mannerisms are easy and gentle like the butterfly.

she is slight of frame even for an Eastern Tribes Human and shorter than average.


Born in a poor family outside of Fukama she migrated to Sinifer once she entered adulthood

[Lights] [These are MY lights and should not be considered a shopping list of things she will let you do to her]

Note (New Things): If something isn't on here, ask first. You will get an answer, and I will probably add it to the list.

Note (Fade-To-Black): If it's a "Yellow Light" and I'm not feeling up to it, you may ask to "Fade-To-Black" that action, skipping over the RP, but having it happen in game regardless. I still have the right to say no in this case.

[White] (part of her everyday life and has come to accept whether she likes it or not, happens without thought)

Romance, Vanilla, Kissing, Groping, Naughty Lessons, Subtle Play, Flirting, Dress Up.

[Green] (what she may be surprised to find she likes doing or having done to her, Does not imply she has done it before.)

Men, Herms, Shemale, Groups, Exotic Races(Beast, Fiend Insect...),Sexual Bleeding, Fluids (feeding,
wearing), Cervical Penetration,
Excessive Cum, Inflation (Cum
Bloating), Voyeurism (being watched or watching others with prior OOC
consent), Humiliation (mild) in
private or minor public, Tentacles
Bondage, Rough/Messy Sex, Fisting,
Anal, Oral.

[Yellow] (situational - something she may do with you one time and then not the next)

Women, Watersports (Done tastefully), violence in ERP

[Red] (this is bad, she won't do this, and I will warn once and then go)

Vore, Gore, Scat, Death, Dismemberment, Torture, Branding, Abusive Character Treatment, Permanent Anything, God Modding, Anything that violates server rules, Mutilation, Perma Death
Player:Cherry Blossom
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf