Shaylee Satanya Sardath

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Shaylee has been through a lot and will not take anything `from anybody.

So be careful with what you say to her.  Her story is a long one and will not be shared with those who do not wish to hear it, if that means no one does that is fine with her also.
Also she had a pet white lion named Rain who was killed by the ones who killed her parents, Rain died a valiant death trying to save her....though he is a rare white lion  he  has cubs that were taken quickly by his mate, to keep them from harm that fearful day. Shay will search as long as it takes to find them.

REDS: No women playing men and no men playing women. Only on a friendship basis. No breaking server rules and nothing gross.
GREENS: Someone to hunt with and share stories with.... ERP is a bonus  if you can get that far.
Player:Night Shadows
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf