Darya Karenina

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A first impression of Darya painted her as young and vibrant, dark hair framing a lively and inordinately pretty face. Its features were gentle rather than sharp, and very vividly expressive. Her slender brows were especially mastered, acting in sisterly tandem with her full lips.
She was a small thing, but more svelte than frail. A little healthy tone had settled on her in her adolescence, leaving her with subtle and pleasing curves that adorned her athletic form to great effect. Much like her fair face, her body was animated, her hands, legs, and shoulders all speaking to some sentiment or other. It became obviously very quickly that this was in place of any actual speaking the girl could do.

Toward strangers, Darya was initially distanced and demure, stilled and inoffensive, even if the propriety didn't seem to make her any less spirited.

While she seemed very much an ordinary girl, the magically-talented and discerning could notice that this was not entirely the case. (Tell friendly if any have questions!)

//OOC: Few hard reds in the course of RP, but RP comes first. While I'm happy to chat in tells, I would like to avoid any OOC setup to RP.
Player:Serene Certainty
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human