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Race: Fae
Height: Varies. usually 6'
Build: Athletic/Muscular
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ruby
Skin: Dark blue, covered in short soft fur.

His body would be a bit warmer than human's, similar to the warmth of a canine.

First thing you're likely to notice of this creature is covered in very short blue fur, causing his skin to have a soft fuzzy feeling to it.

His irises are the color of rubies. When he grins you'd be able to see his fangs, each canine enlonged and sharp, and the tooth next to them, slightly shorter then the canines but longer then the rest. Should he stick his tongue out you'd see its canine like, long, wide, slightly rough with four piercings spread along its length. He's got broad shoulders and his body is quite solid. Each of his fingers are tipped with a sharp claw. Behind him a large fluffy dark tail sways.

Hybrid form
In this form he's similar to a werewolf or wolfkin beast race seen in these lands. His head has taken on the shape of a wolf's and his body is a bit bigger than before, his fur has grown out longer and darkened matching the color of his tail. His legs have become digitigrade ending in a set of paws.

Animal Form
When switching to his animal form, his fur would grow out darker and thicker, his body changing to be similar to a large worg with blueish, black fur. His front paws more closely resemble humanoid hands, able to manipulate objects.

Reds: Metagaming, Amputation, Mutilation, Scat, Watersports, Vore, Perma-death without my permission, Godmoding, oviposit, nothing that breaks server rules.
Player:Dae Lythari
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human