Nitra Rilriia

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Race:  Appears Drow (3/4 Drow 1/4 unknown).
Age:  Approximately 120
Height: 6 feet
Build:  Toned and fit, noticeably muscled on the arms, legs and stomach.
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold

Nitra is a tall, strong looking Drow lady.   Really the only unusual things about her are the eyes and her stature, neither of which are that strange in this particular world.

Nitra looks like she keeps fit, likely she trains often, her toned build testament to her strength and the effort she spends on keeping herself in what she deems to be peak fitness.She has a mid-sized chest, a narrow waist and a slight flare of the hips complemented by a firm handful of an ass.


Scat, breaking server rules.  That is all, though obviously I may tell you that something is going in a direction i dislike.

Everything else really, if you can convince/force her to go along with it then go ahead.
Player:Eva Kova
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human