Libby Maya'an

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Elizabeth Maya D'Cannith
Co-Owner of the Hidden Nook

Race: Fire Genasi (Plane-touched)
Sex: Undoubtedly female
Age: Early 20's
Height (Real) 5'  Height (Magic) 5'8"
Body Type: plump in the right places
Speech Pattern : Depends on intoxication
Demeanor: Mischievous, prankster, loud
Occupation: Master Builder, Bar Owner

The Long

This firecracker doesn't fail to be noticed, be by her short crop of fiery hair or her loud and blunt manners. Yet she's honest with her words even if sometimes careless.

Ruby red skin laced with golden lines hinted to her planed-touched nature but given her finely pointed ears, chubby cheeks and button nose, the other half of her heritage might be harder to decipher. About her extremities, her skin darkened with raised textured swirls, fingertips, toes, elbows, knees and forehead.

Her eyes sparkled like twin lava lakes and while they lacked pupils to follow her gaze, she was vivid in her emotions. A proud elemental spawn or just another freak residing in Sinfar.

Green: Libby is a passionate creature who thrives on high emotions and sensations. Roughness is often welcome in the right situations or the right person.

Red:  Anything can be handled IC if you stay within the rules. Avoid the usual red (Shit, Animals, Children)

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human