Arri Akane Ash

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A redhaired human woman of average height with what may be tattoos running down each arm.   Her brown eyes seem to glow red in certain light.

Beautiful long red hair, enigmatic tattoos on all limbs, and a faint red glow to otherwise brown eyes.  She's almost always seen in red and black clothing, and with a (sometimes hidden) necklace or pendant of an eight pointed star. For those who are bothered by negative energy, they may sense it flowing from her very being; though when upset, most will see it flowing from her in what seems to be dark wings.  She was born with corruption and sin in her blood, but mixing it with a bit of crazy may have changed her to be different from your normal corrupted human.

Her shadow seems "off" or hazy as if giving off energy;  it probably is.

It's difficult to describe Arri's voice; it is as varied as her mood.  She is guilty of using vocal fry; though her voice can be animated, peaks and valleys of high when excited, low when annoyed.  She has been known to actually carry a tune, though obviously untrained.  She speaks with the elocution of someone who has been raised with respect for language, having grown up "nouveau riche" yet aspiring to be more; she does her best to hide it, though laziness is also a factor.

She's been known to use a word or two that is foreign to those who hadn't been educated.  She can even attempt a basic mockery of draconic with a common accent too thick to grasp(save for a surprising grasp of insults and profanity).  Don't expect her to mention it though, she enjoys the ability to vaguely understand dragons who speak behind her back.

When angry or truly upset, her voice becomes an inhuman growl, as if not coming from her vocal chords but spontaneously from negative energy.

Arri smells "clean".  She loathes scented soaps or perfumes, despite, or maybe even because she has a poor sense of smell.  Her hair is the exception, which gives off a faintly sweet scent of the hair oils she prefers to keep her hair smooth and shining.

Arri is a natural telepath, though untrained.  She has zero control over her quickly shifting emotions either.  Added together, her mind screams at any close empath or telepath, giving an honest tell of her emotional state.

She generates negative energy, venting it in large quantities when upset, sometimes so greatly as to seem like large black wings.  It's been known to annoy some celestials or even attract unsavory beings(who apparently EAT negative energy!?)

It would be best to ask someone who has tasted her.

How does she fight?
Arri is not disciplined, safe nor even fun to watch while fighting.  She hefts an oversized and overly long hammer, misusing her arm as a fulcrum, and her body as a counterweight.  Her muscles and tendons strain, bending wrongly, with such injury and pain that only her regeneration and strength of will can deal with.  She somehow manages to evade most attacks toward her, and in an even fight, most or all damage to her is self-inflicted.  When she manages to land a hit on an opponent, the force tends not to be directed to a critical area, or even use the head of the hammer; her style does not allow for any control whatsoever.  With her erratic movements, you may not be able to hit her, you may not be able to predict her, but you can certainly not ignore her.

Arri suffers from(in alphabetical order):
-Generalized Anxiety Disorder
-Histrionic Personality Disorder
-Long term memory loss
-Misattribution of arousal
-Posttraumatic stress disorder
-Racing(or manic) thoughts
-Schizotypal disorder

Then again, if someone isn't a walking DSMV excerpt, they probably have not been in Sinfar for long.

(Regenerating, Impulsive, Emotional, Gender-shift, loyal and protective)


Green: Longterm rp

yellow:  Walkup rp

red: "I don't know you, but let's fuck."

Anything else might be green, you don't know unless you know the character.

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(due to another player's retcon, Arri's mother is not played by anyone.  Any remarks made by this character are ic only.)

She isn't real.  I can't make her real.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human