Vino Millomen

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6'0 245lbs of solid muscle with broad shoulders and hands hardened by years of hard work. Nearing 45 now his blonde hair has streaks of grey, his powerful chest also covered in blonde hair streaked in silver and grey.  He gazes upon the world with emerald green eyes filled with a friendly curiousity. He is modestly handsome with an easy smile and a quick wit.

NATURALY detect outsiders may send a tell for a little more info.

Reds: No scat or body fluids, Rape. No perma, no herms, shemales or males in ERP.

Greens: Role Play. And more Role Play! I don't care about grammar or typoes, just RP and have a great time. (I make a ton of typoes, so if this annoys you, then you might want to avoid me)

Whites: Player and Vino love to listen to characters history and stories. So come share
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human