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         ~The short~

Appearance: Faun (Seelie Fey)

Traits: Silver hair and thin fur covering her tummy, thighs and re-curved legs finished in solid hooves. Twin curved goat-like horns.

Age : Young (Ageless)

Sex: Appears Female

Demeanor: Shy, cautious, mischievous

Setting: A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare


The blessing of timeless beauty and eternal youth could not hide the strain of bad memories and broken heart but when she smiled, the sun shined again as if she'd never been touched by the pain of the mortal world.

Recognized for her talents as a healer, "Sylph" was often sought for treatments or medicines. The druid had a knack with plants and animals alike, especially while in her dominion on Ossuary island (North Docks of Angelo Island)

Visiting the city was a chore she dreaded, either gathering supplies for her mistress or tending to the Stone Garden's plants. Sylph's demeanor would be far more guarded when away from her land and shy when approached.



Story driven, friendly chats, philosophical chats, story telling, rivalry!

Flirting, charming, teasing, foreplay, kinky kinks, prey/predator, etc (Ask if any questions)

Reds: The usual reds and non-cognitive animals.

         ~The long~

She was the good kid, pride and joy of her parents unlike her malicious sister Ma'breen. Chosen in her youth to be dedicated to Oberon, the faun had been groomed and kept innocent in many ways, awaiting the day where the god would descend upon her.

Looking past the gilded cage, she longed for the wonders of the outside world and when her sister tempted her to escape, she took the chance without thinking. Right out of Arcadia and away from the court's circle of influence.                      

   To know the taste of regrets        
    is a curse upon an immortal.


Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human