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If location is hidden it means I'm most likely busy and not interested in tells. This doesn't mean I'm not willing to RP with people. It just means I'd prefer to let fate decide who I'll run into. Notable exception: People who have IC methods of communicating with Charisma. You know who you are. Thank you for understanding. <3


Name: Charisma. AKA: Kari, Ris.
Race: Race: Half Elf / Half Siren
Age: Appears early 20s
Height 5'3"

First Impressions: Kari is a perky, shorter than average woman with a mischievous glint in her eye. Her aquamarine skin, large pointed ears, and slight webbing between the fingers suggest a fey bloodline of an aquatic nature. When idle, Kari can often be heard humming pleasantly. Her voice is easy to listen to, and she has a way of modulating her hum's pitch that sends little tendrils of pleasure up and down the nerves of those listening. Her voice and large, expressive, eyes (combined with her bard training and magic) can have a hypnotic effect on those predisposed to be submissive or suggestive.

Recent events have lead to the expression of Charisma's repressed Siren blood. Now she can usually be seen with blue-green skin and darker green hair. She has traces of webbing between her fingers and toes and her taste and odor both cary subtle briny hints. Since her transformation, the effects of Charisma's voice have been magnified. Her sultry voice is now augmented by enticing overtones and subtle harmonics that dance pleasantly across the skin and whisper to the minds of those who listen to her.  When she decides to truly focus her attention on someone the effect of her voice can be overwhelming to those not prepared for it. (per 3.5ed D&D Siren the DC to resist her would be in the high 40's, but please feel free to submit to or ignore her voice as you see fit for your character).

Green: Good Roleplay, Flirting, Teasing. Adventure, trying new things. Kari also enjoys dominating willing submissive females and males. She enjoys Hypnotizing or controlling those who wish to be taken and made helpless. She also enjoys fulfilling fantasies of others and being dominated by women who care about the pleasure of the people who submit to them.  (Usually not on a first date. This takes some level of trust.) Specific acts are less important than the feelings and RP that lead up to them.

Yellow: Cultured, dominant males, Gentlemen. Kari likes men, but they have to work harder to gain her attention. She can be very devoted to the right sort of man. Shemales and Herms: Not her first choice, but good RP and situation can overcome. If she likes you she can be talked into almost any non-violent, non-gross situation. Other non-humanoid or furries, etc: Your individual results may vary.  What's inside is more important than what's outside.

Red: Scat, Pain for the sake of pain, Real harm, Real (NC) Slavery, Rape, etc. Anything that grosses her player out. (will add as she finds out what those things are).  Mean people/ Assholes. Drama Lammas. Also, not a big fan of Horse Cocks or animal cocks in general.

Tell Friendly. (within limits. Thirsty tells are more likely to get you ignored than into Charisma's pants.) If you want to RP, hang out, go slay things, or make an easy going friend who greatly enjoys mental and physical pleasures; then Kari is your girl.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human