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This pale-faced, raven-haired woman has an unusual air about her--somewhere in between aggression and wariness.  

There are obvious hints that she's not exactly human. The tips of two long, pointed ears protrude from beneath her curtain of unkempt hair. Her eyes are an unsettling shade of blood-red, their pupils barely discernible. The rest of her features seem somewhat Elven, but they're soft rather than angular.

She's a little taller than the average Elven female, with a build that leans more to the side of curvy rather than lithe. The loose, messy outfits she usually wears tend to expose much of her form--but it seems to be for comfort instead of seductive purposes.

There's an undeniable cold cruelty in her expression, but it's far from apathetic. In fact, she seems almost oddly invested in absorbing her surroundings, an alertness ever-present on her pallid features.


White: Long-term, story-driven RP and character development. Dark, dramatic storylines and relationships. Romance, hatred, role reversal, and so on. Literate, descriptive players. Sharp conversations. Being approached!

Green: Males, assertive characters, creative scenes. I can roll with just about anything (for specific preferences, send a tell).

Red: Walk-up ERP, females/shemales in ERP, scat/watersports.
Player:The Dawn Will Come
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human