Misti'neth Au'Tic

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She was born into Nobility. Mother the Valsharess...Father unknown to her. She stands four feet and eleven inches tall.  
She is very skeptical of others and not very trusting. She is not the talkative type, so if you want to know something ask her. She will tell you the truth. Her life has not been that easy, having her mother in a high position, and her older sister who she never see's. She tries to maintain her courage and stamina...

She has no sense of direction but once
positioned, she is a dead on shot as an Archer.

She had one love in her life which produced a son, as you can see her love never worked out and now she will never let her guard down again.

Reds: No women playing men or women playing men except on a friend only basis. Breaking Server rules and no gross play...and you know what I am talking about
Greens: Just have fun and maybe someone to hunt and explore with. Maybe a long term relationship but No ERP unless it is and that's a bonus
Player:Shadows Nights
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf