Nelia comes across as the swashbuckling type.

Her brown hair is often left run wild free though on some occasions she might try to tame the locks into something more civilized. She has red eyes of the normal variety, meaning they do not glow or seem to posses any magical or unearthly qualities. She has a nose that is a little on the smaller side and a set of lips that do not seem overly thin or plump. In general she is more likely to be considered cute over other things. Hidden underneath the hair is the somewhat pointy ends of her ears.

Her body is as would be expected of a swashbuckler; lithe, agile and looking like she's rather swift on her feet when need be. Perhaps a bit more on the delicate side, she doesn't strike a figure that could be described as especially curvy. Instead her form is athletic with just enough swell on the hips and bust to not be boyish. All in all she does feel quite ordinary in her proportions.

Most often dressed up in unrestrictive clothing, in which she clearly feels the most comfortable.  Loose, flowing shirts, well fitted tops and pants made of flexible fabrics are the common choices for Nelia's attire. For footwear she almost exclusively prefers light, kneehigh boots made of leather. The only accessory she regularly carries is a small bag attached to her belt where she stores nearly everything she owns, marking it without a doubt as a bag of holding.

In the case she wears something that leaves her lower back visible, she seems to have a goblinoid symbol of some sort tattooed there, much like a tramp stamp would be.

Less obvious, but good to know things:

Nelia considers herself a noviceish adventuress and is always looking for opportunities to find adventuring companions, improve her swordwomanship or learning tricks and secrets helpful for adventuerers. When not pursuing her profession she is often merely looking for new friends or interesting discussions. She could become flirty with anyone she doesn't find boorish and uninteresting. Taking things beyond flirting often require some form of spark or connection. Or at minimum a dinner.

Nelia is a born shemale with a switchy disposition and when things turn more intimate one could expect Nelia to be teasing and talkative, occasionally overly so. She can be talked into great many things though she believes that things must be fun for all participants and that violence has no place in romantic pursuits.

While she finds attractive qualities in nearly all races, her biggest secret is  the fact that she finds goblins oddly alluring. She is deeply embarrassed by her fetish despite the accepting atmosphere of Sinfar.

Finally a quick TLDR about Nelia for the hasty ones

Likes: Adventuring, talking, talking about adventuring, finding adventuring companions, secret fetish about goblins, beautiful people and/or personalities, consensual sex of vanilla, wild and kinky varieties.

Dislikes: Violence in romantic relations, cruelty, dying from anything other than old age, going hungry,  going on adventures alone.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf