Brynhildr is a large woman with a fierce countenance.

Her nordic heritage is abundantly clear as she has pale blue eyes, reddish hair and a powerfull well toned build.
Even though she looks somewhat like a classic big brute she is by no means clumsy or stupid and her voice is quite refined, hinting at a great and well developped ability to sing.

She either dresses in gear fit for a battlefield or for a ball, covering her form in elegant dresses which she seems to wear well. Her weapon of choice seems to be a rather plain longsword.
In her battle attire she seems to be quite the war skald whereas she looks much more like an opera singer when in a dress.

Brynhildr often is a bit absent, as if she is distracted or listening to a voice only she can hear. It's not hard to surprise or startle her.

Brynhildr's skin is somewhat pale but no more so then her kinsmen from the far north where the sun lacks power.

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Brynhildr is a WoD vampire of the 'Daughters of Cacophony sect' or 'Sirens' an offroot (Or so its assumed) from clan Toreador. Like Toreador the daughters love art but unlike Toreador they devote themselves to one aspect of art alone, namely singing.

Most of the daughters have the baby face perk which makes them much, much harder to distinguish from a normal human as their skin is far less pale then vampiric kins. Brynhildr is no exception there.

Vampiric abilities:

Melpominee (level 5)
These abilities are represented mostly by bard song and curse song. For rp it should be noted Brynhildr can charm and enthrall someone as long as she keeps singing.

Fortitude (Level 3)
Adds to the vampires toughness. Allowing her to (briefly) withstand the burning rays of the sun or other threats such as fire.

Potence (Level 4)
Brynhildr due to her lifestyle is quite strong which is represented by potence.

Presence (Level 2)
Brynhildr is hard to ignore when she chooses to, drawing eyes to her like a flame draws moths with Awe and scaring the weak of mind with Dread gaze.  

Brynhildr learned some minor shapeshifting tricks, perhaps from feeding too much on shifter blood as it's unlikely she met a Gangrel teacher here.

I have one major red light on this character and thats overpowered World of Darkness characters. It's great you want to play a fourth generation elder (or corresponding Garou etc.) with eight dots in multiple diciplines but since the WOD is a world of conflict and any conflicts with such powerfull toons is utterly one sided I see no point in interacting with such characters.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human