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Name: Maral
Race: Half Drow/ Half Celestial
Gender: Herm by default, prefers being a shemale (Can change at will)
Height: 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)
Weight: 110 lbs.(50 kg) Maral is very light for her build, due to hollow bones
Hair: Bright silvery white
Eyes: Silver
Build: Curvy, with athletic muscle tone.
Bust: Firm DD's
Naughty parts: When present, there would be a long girthy member dangling between her legs.. measuring  fifteen inches long, and five thick. Hanging underneath that slab of meat, are her two large testicles.. brimming with her thick fertile seed.

A few lights:

- Poop, pee and all the things that are supposed to be in a toilet
- Perma anything, without my choice
- Slavery. Maral will neither be anyone's property, nor consider anyone as such
- Gore, mutilation, torture.. that sort of thing
- Necrophilia, Pedophilia, etc.
- Evil outsiders and undead
- Genitals that belong on animals..(Sorry, not a fan of that sort of thing)
- Rape
- OOC Drama (What happens IC, stays IC)
- Furries

- Pregnancy (Maral being on the recieving end of one)
- The small folks (Halflings, gnomes, etc)
- Men in SRP (The whole range, including cases like traps)
- Humans, hin, etc.

- Pregnancies (Maral being on the giving end)
- Lots of cum
- Anal, oral and Vaginal (Anything goes)
- Incest (Fun for the entire family!)
- Females (And to a lesser degree Herms, Shemales are unlikely)
- Drow, Elves, Angels  and/or mixes of the two

There's propably a few things i missed there.. Dont feel afraid to ask, if you have questions
Player:Crystal Clear Confusion
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf