Zurriya Ashee Gharr

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Preferences: Drow Faction Social RP

Currently leads the Noble Houses when Valsharess KaE is not around. 2nd House Matron of Che'El Oloth in Arche Terre.

Currently the Seeress of Oloth as well as the City Architect.

Has had 5 children in Sinfar so far.

Second surviving daughter of an overthrown Drow House. The eldest sister returned to successfully claim the House of their fallen mother. After some years of rebuilding the House and the city, Zurriya was given the option of stay and die or exile. She chose exile to start a new branch of the family.

Her home is the northern port of Rauv Kren'na'olg (The Gate at the Top of the World) on the coast of the Carnnath Dar subcontinent in the World of Ciris. It is an arctic environment (think Alaska or Scandinavia) with a small fishing village on the surface and a thriving Underdark city beneath. She is more at home in Icenfar than the tropical Islands of Dread.

She is Jarominia and Veldriniya's aunt. She is mother to Tsarra and RizrylIntra.

She is petite, about 4 feet, 7 inches tall, slightly larger breasts than the average drow female. Intellectually curious, a very cute face, and delightful curves when she shows them off.

She has started a new branch of her Noble House as well as a merchant clan somewhere in Sinfar. She's had 5 children since coming to Sinfar. Wynthiya (daughter), Itzal (son), Nakita and Nikita (twin daughters), and  Vadim (son).

Alright, I'm going for the drow mad scientist in the mold of GirlGenius.net. But she is still drow!

Reds: Anything against server rules. Permanent death or injury. Pregnancy against her will.

Yellows: Submission to anything other than noble drow females. Beyond that depends on the RP.

Greens: RP with anyone, ERP with males, domination of males. Backrubs! Kinda runs in the family.
Player:Scarface Orcbane
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf