Drin Morsha

   -A Quick Look-
Full Name - Drin Morsha
Height - 3'9
Race - Halfling
Gender- Shemale
Build - Shapely and hung! The shapely part being the most apparent clothed, obviously.
Eyes - Blue with a soft glimmer to them.

Drin's appearance isn't exactly what one would expect for her profession. She wasn't shy about admitting that she was a killer for hire, (Or was, at least.) and the lovely halfling certainly didn't look the part in her normal garb. Her features are soft and devoid of any marks, tasty chocolate skin that extends smoothly across her form. Her pupils are a brilliant blue that contrast well against her dark skin, all mixed against her deep red hair.

On approach, Drin was generally kind and good humored. She was pretty blunt for the most part, but not to a fault. Anyone who knew her when she first arrived on the isles many years ago would note that she's become softer and kinder throughout her stay, which probably isn't a shock.

       -Detailed Appearance-

Drin was clearly blessed to be curvaceous and filled out with a form most women would kill for. This started from perhaps the most obvious part to an onlooker, her C-cup breasts. Not the biggest, but they were good sized on a shorter woman like herself. Both mounds were delightfully rounded and perky, and they were often highlighted in her outfits. Her ass and hips were pretty difficult to miss too, that blessing mentioned above extending downwards in the form of a full pair of plump ass cheeks and a broad, tasty waist to support those bouncing globes of flesh. They were certainly on the thick side, but they maintained a smooth and well rounded shape to go along with their heft.  

One thing disrupted the feminine shape described above, though... A sizable prick that dangled between plush, sensuous thighs. When limp, the dark cock hung down far between them and swayed with every movement Drin made. As one would expect, that luscious shaft rested over a fat pair of balls that were proportionate for the size of her member.. Meaning they were pretty huge! When that halfling beast was fully erected it would seem almost ridiculous, sprouting up to ten thick inches in total. Of course the fact she's a 3'9 tall halfling made it look larger still, but it was huge nonetheless.

Overall, it could certainly be said she had an hourglass figure. Voluptuous in all the right places, and more slender in the rest. She clearly took good care of herself, from how silky clean her hair always was, to the fact that her entire body was always devoid of hair. She also didn't seem to be out of shape judging by her relatively flat tummy, but she didn't have a six pack or truly defined muscles anywhere else either. Excessive exercise would probably shrink that bouncy booty and thighs, after all!

      OOC Stuff
Reds: Scat, death, gore, that kinda stuff. There are times when I'm in a darker mood though but it doesn't come around super often.

Greens: Everything else just about! Domming or subbing is fine depending on how I feel or how the situation develops, and I'm pretty flexible in general as long as a scene is well done and entertaining.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling