Shandran Marino

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Full Legal Name: Shandran Sanodan Marino
Aliases: Shan, Mr. Marino
Age: Mid 30s
Height: 6'2"/187 cm
Weight: 230 lb/104 kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Fluctuates between various hues and shades of blue.
Tattoos and Piercings: None
Other: Glasses, and a intresting little butterfly knife he uses for small task. He wears no jewlery.

-Quick Appearance-

Shan looks like a rather bookish, older gentleman. His dress is usually pressed and neat, regardless of what he is wearing. Rarely is he seen without a pair of black glasses on his nose.

-A lingering Glance-

Shandran has the appearance of a human man with bright blue eyes, silky brown hair, and a wise, outward appearance.

-Notes of Interest-

Shandran's Hair: Shan takes rather high pride in his hair, making sure that it is well shampooed, conditioned, combed, and kept quite neat and together.

Shandran's eyes: Shan's eyes have the perquiler habbit of betryaing his emotions, his blue eyes shifting in various hues and tints of blue based on his current emotions.

-Traffic Lights-

Reds: Server Banned things. PVP.

Everything else is somewhere between a green, a white, and a yellow. So try your hand! He's an old man who's fairly open with a lot of things!

Notes of interest Related to Shandran(If he hasn't outwardly expressed this or shown this to you, or you haven't been told by someone he has, you wouldn't know this):

Shandran is a Psion, a man gifted with the abilities of the mind. His primary focus is Kinecisit, with a specific penchant for ice, cold, and things of that nature.

He has taken to wearing a metal band around his right wrist. It seems innocuous enough.

OOC:I try my best to play these powers fair, usually rolling INT when a roll is necessary. Shan can fail, and feel free if he does try anything to have him fail, if you don't want to or otherwise want a reason for him not to succeed.

I rather like making and helping people make character appearances. Let me know if you need help!

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human