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Eyes are blue and cold.

Ranger, tracker, hunter and even shapeshifter, if he needs to be yet he rarely uses his limited shifting abilities, developed mostly to consfuse his enemies.

He appears to be in his thirties, head crowned by short dark hairs and moderate eyebrows of same color.

The nose proud and nicely shaped in the past seems a little bend to the right, signs of it being broken at some point during his adventures, the only defect on his proud face filled with what could be called man beauty.

His lips are nicely shaped in moderate size with full natural red color to the skin.

Usually goes with a slight to heavy stuble, never clean shaved yet never with beard, giving himself that rugged look of rangers, hunters and miscreants.

While not overly muscular, his overall form can be considered rather manly, with visible muscles, veins popping up each time he warms himself up. Broad shoulders, nicely shaped arms and fit form, all to tease ladies (and some men) to simply take a peek, especially when he walks around shirtless, which is not a rare case.

He has lot of tattoes on his body, mostly in black or blue color, from various geometric shapes on his arms to symbols of wings and horns on both his chest and his back. Who would try to find written words on his skin however, would find none.

Considering his nature style clothing, home made leather trousers can hardly hide his firm round buttocks or large bulge resting in his loins. What distinguish him further form city folks is small polished skull trophy hanging on his thigh, appears humanoit yet not human or elven.

At times, one could swear his blue eyes shift form. You could even hear mischevious fox laughter and noises in the distance at these days...

-More will (not?) be added-

-No Reds does not mean you can do whatever.-
-No reds does not mean  I always say yes to sex-
-No reds does not mean sex anytime with anyone.-

-Actually I have one red - Idiots who call their toon "succubus" and have men Redlisted. At least learn what succubus is retards.-

-Unlike rest of you hypocrites I am here for ERP-

My only WHITE is lost'n'found. She is the best and my only deity!

Greens(For those who need inspiration)
All way through
Alternative penetration
Belly bulging
Staying alive after sex
Those with NothingToSay
Torture(Sex driven one)
Urethral penetrations
...Ok you should have the idea by now...

If I appear to be AFK, I am. But I am in game for a reason. I will probably check the game every now and then if anyone said hello. If you are UNABLE to be PATIENT enough to wait few minutes and log instead, good. You probably didnt worth my time anyway.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human