Kae' Tear

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Homeplane: Fire, City of Brass
Race: Efreeti (with primal bloodline)
Age: undefinable, fire is eternal
Gender: Female (only)
Sexual preference: Heterosexual usually
Profession: Artist, dancer, artisan, scholar (specialized in artifacts and lore), fence/smuggler
Common Hangout: Mirage in Saban

Scent: Should she pass close it can be noted that her silken fire touched hair smells of desert flowers, skin clean and fresh, supple and sensual, the soft scent of cinnamon and vanilla, and should you have the keenest of scents, under all this is the soft sweet fragrance of burning rosewood, a scent some rumor among the city of Brass was last smelt when the city was last ruled by a primordial.

Build: A slight frame with tight waist and the curve of hips with round firm buttocks might not give it away, though those firm perfectly shaped breasts give a bit of a clue. Taunt stomach with a slight padding leading down to a flat pelvis should probably relieve a bit as no bulge is present, and she walks with a sway of her hips rather than as though something is caught between her thighs.

Appearance: She is usually seen in a more human form rather than full elemental, well looking on her there is no doubt she is sensual, her movements elegant and graceful, her bronzed skin with barely visible fiery hue is stronger and more noticeable in her elemental for, though still quite human appearing, and should she dance or flick her hair sparks fly harmlessly around her. Consider also the shine of those bright blue eyes so in contrast with her skin, that light up as though a flame is held behind a sapphire (a gift from her fathers birth right and suggestive of more than a mere efreet). Perhaps its the passion and fire, yet comfort and warmth of her manner, or the fire she flicks across her long elegant fingers. It could be said she just might be a fire elemental or creature of some sort, though that blue of her eyes, odd considering.

There is a cheekiness and lightness, yet wild though tempered nature to her soft features so feminine. Eyes that seem to see straight into you, but perhaps that just the brightness and contrast to her hot full sensual lips. There is no such thing as walking as she seems to glide with hips swaying to an exotic beat, suggestive and erotic, yet noble and elegant, all the while as natural as breathing. There is an exotic beauty about her that is as hypnotizing and alluring as watching the flames dance in a fire.


Sophie Hunger - Can you see me


Lights:please don't be put off if initial advances are not taken up on, fire is a teasing element but once it burns it burns hot. Kae's aura oozes sexuality but doesnt mean she is easy.

White: flirting, RP, dancing, RP, stories and bardic roleplay... and of course RP.  Mysteries, supernatural and darker styles of rp preferred but not required (very dark and gritty rp welcome).

Green: relationships (good, bad and ugly), Going with the flow of role-play almost anything is possible depending on rp and emotes as long as it isn't god modding, my pc has the right to react to a situation appropriately. More than happy to get involved with most forms of role-play and situations from light to conflict involved. A pc who is flirtatious and seductive and prone to consequences. Very little is not a green light if RPed well. Story is the most important thing. While feisty explaining what she wants is a turn off.

Red: anything breaking server rules... and none rp lead in to erp. (no walk ups unless your pc's nature is to be a dick) pregnancy (sterile pc unless otherwise altered by rp) No vomit or toilet play, no toe sucking, unbirthing

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human