Rylde'Belar Cice'Afein

Height: 4'5"

Race: Drow

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Upon her neck would be a collar, the words 'Jazredith's pet' inscribed upon the metal plate both at the front and back of her neck.

Body Build: Standing over a foot in height shorter than most people she meets, she was use to looking up to others to say the least, She was built with a lithe layer of muscle along her arms and legs, Her belly would be taut, kept flat with her way of life and whatever exercise she may do. although it seemed to end there, her breasts would hang tightly within her dress, straining against the cloth, Her hair would hang down to her lower back, a icy blue silvery look to it and looking as if it were well taken care of with a silken shine to it, Despite being a drow she would almost have a soft and kink look to her, normally always smiling, and having a shine to those red eyes, although she had a very well mannered appearance to balance that out clean, tidy, and addressing most people with titles.

Jewelry and other trinkets: Upon both her ears would be about five piercings, from the bottom to the top of the ears, each of them a gold ring with a different colored gem upon them, She would have two gold bracelets upon her wrists, diamonds of various colors circling the gold band.


Whites/Fav kinks: Oral giving(My favorite kink~) , Humiliation, Degradation, Tit-fucking, Cock Worship, Ball Worship, Pet names/names in general, Cum-play, odd pairings\couples, Bestiality.

Liked kinks/Kinks i am ok with: Anal, Vaginal, Watersports, Pregnancy,

Reds: Perma death, Scat, Sexualized gore/guro
Player:Maid of May
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf