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Some IC things

Meet Gru, a short girl with sun-kissed skin and mahogany hair. Gru was a fey creature. It wasn't clear if her current form was something she was like naturally or was it something she decided to adapt, but nevertheless, this was how she wished to be seen. A short wolf girl.

Gru wasn't used to taller people, which considering her height must have meant that she was more used to people of her own height. Either her own people or elven folks, since she wasn't far from being as tall as an elf.

Gru had a mahogany hair and fur on both her ears and the tail she had. Her eyes were piercing red and either an illusion of light or magic, they seemed to glow whenever it was night or it was dark around.

Gru was a playful creature, although she still was a fey, which meant that some of her customs were different from that of normal mortals. Or even some immortals. Actually most of them. Probably.

She roamed the woods and other more natural areas of sinfar, why? Who knows. But if anyone wanted to find her, that would be their best bet.

Some OOC things

Hi! Thanks for reading or at least glancing at my bio.

Gru is a free spirit type of character open for all kinds of roleplay. Although considering her attire and the picture, most people will lean towards ERP. Which is fine!

Although I'm fine with magical themes, nature themes and some other themes I couldn't really name at the moment, so it doesn't have to necessarily be a purely ERP encounter. It can be purely RP or a mixed bag of both.

I mentioned it before but Gru acts on her own, which can mean a lot of things. So please don't worry if she acts in some bad way. That's not my attempt to make you go away. If something is wrong on an OOC level I'll talk to you via tells.

Also consequences! Gru will react to whatever it is you'll say or do but I'll try to maintain the interaction/RP. Unless you really go overboard with something which will make her want to go away.

If you're looking for me and you need some help outside of my location on the player list, send me a tell! Or just send a party invite to see where I am on the map.

As for lights I don't really have much to say. If you think you should ask, do that. Otherwise, Gru will react on her own and such. She might like some things, she will dislike other things. I don't want to make a list that would take half of this bio with things I enjoy, because it's a very long list.

This is a list of things I definitely don't like and it might grow bigger as more people approach me with more of those:

- Scat
- Gore
- Heavy bondage/bdsm
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf