Eir Ysstholmundr

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Name : Eir Ysstholmundr
Race : Lizardfolk, Frilled Lizard
Gender : Female
Age : Adult
Profession : Guardian

Scale Color : Sandy
Scale texture : Smooth, Snake-like
Horns : White, Short
Ears : Long and prehensile
Neck : Neck frill
Neck Frill colors : Yellowish Tan with red freckles. Red edge.
Tail : Short, thin and prehensile
Claws : White, Blunt

Height : 5'11"
Weight : Light
Build : Athletic, Curvacious
Piercings : Horns ornaments and earrings

Clothes : Tribal with feathers and fangs ornaments. Chest covered, sex exposed.
Behavior : Frivolous, coy and rough, yet good hearted
Orientation : Heterosexual
Relatives : Jex Ysstholmundr (Brother)
Particularity : Fertile toward any species

:::General Information:::
> Always eager to meet people, Eir grinned widely and welcomed anyone daring to talk to her. While not particulary intimidating in looks, she clearly had the athletic body of a fighter... and a healthy breeder. Her body was truely a force of nature, proving to be tough and strong despite her short statue next to most beast-like individuals. Yet, her trained body only made her look for feminine : shapely legs, curvacious hips, delicious body supporting a delectable perky chest. Truely a fine woman, by her race standards. If scales and animal-like features didn't bother you, she clearly was a treat for the eyes. Hanging from her neck, a ruby necklace rested just above her cleavage. It was adorned with small feathers, fangs and clearly emitted a magical aura. With some knowledge, one could guess it made the lizardess resistant to cold climats.

:::Intimate Information:::
> Eir shown little interest in males with evil intents or in women in general. Clearly, in a sexual context, she prefered the company of males that are pleasant to her, to the point where she'd entrust her luscious hips to any males she judge worthy. Those lucky males would find themselves able to handle her in quite a few ways. Oops. Spilled inside? No problem, worthy males makes worthy childs. In some occasion, if she wasn't able to clean herself for some reason, she'd be seen walking around with a rather messy crotch, showing her future pregnancy with pride.

Butt : Bubbly, squeezable and quite fun to grope
Tailhole : Tight and deep
Sex : Plump, smooth and inviting
Clit : Short, sensitive
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human