Sofuto Suna

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Sofuto Suna

Height: 4'9 ft
Weight: 100-120lbs
Physique: Slim, Feminine
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Occupation: Priest
Gender: Male
Race: Kitsune (Ocean)

Bio to be edited a bit later.

Eye catching. Eye catching was certainly the most apt way to describe this beautiful little creature. It probably wasn't a term often given to things standing at 4'9, but Sofuto was no ordinary thing! Starting with flowing, full sandy blonde hair that went past his shoulders and piercing deep blue eyes that one could simply get lost in.. There was a lot to take in. If one was able to tear their gaze away from those wonderous azure pools, the rest of his face turned out to be equally captivating. Sofuto's features really would've been fitting on the most gorgeous of women but here they were.. On a man! His voice was soft, smooth and symphonic, but a careful listener could still discern his gender. Subtle features of his face gave this away too, from a small but apparent adam's apple to the general shape of his face as a whole. That said.. You really couldn't get a softer, more well rounded countenance if you created a being in a lab.

Going on down this luscious kitsune's body, there was still so much to see! Curves and gentle flesh in all the right places is really what brought the whole package together. A flat, smooth chest further solidified his gender even as his figure as a whole may confuse it somewhat, just as his frankly intense beauty would on first glance. Flared hips and slender sides helped to give him his curves, as did a nice plush ass that'd provide a perfect handful for most people. His booty certainly wasn't the biggest around especially considering he was a small thing in total, but those two cheeks were more than full enough to provide plenty to grope, to jiggle in an enticing dance.. Or to hang onto! Just above his ass extended two tails. Two incredibly fluffy, poofy appendages that looked fit for a King to rest their head on with the same sandy blonde coloring as the hair atop his head.

Opposite that eye catching booty was something that made Sofuto's gender more apparent than anything else... His huge dick! Eight inches of thick, trembling dick was certainly the last thing one may expect to see on this cute little creature, but he was blessed with it nonetheless. Joining that sizable dick was a pair of plump and hairless balls just below that were proportionately large, and there wasn't a hair on them or his groin.. Actually, his entire body was pretty much hairless. It suited him, considering how incredibly smooth and gentle his skin was to the touch as is. An utter lack of scars, markings or body hair just ensured that there was plenty of that creamy pale body to feast the eyes on! This soft skin continued down the rest of his form too, as you'd expect. His thighs that his beast of a prick would dangle between whenever it was limp were about as inviting as could possibly be. Plush and gentle to the touch, they were a properly alluring beginning to his (proportionately) long legs.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human