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Age - Appears 25ish
Race - Vampire, natural born human
Hair - Black, Purple Streaks
Eyes - Yellow, irises turn feline-like at times
Bust - Large, unnaturally firm
Build - Fairly toned, though with shapeley legs and a considerable bust.
Complexion - Porcelain pale, perfectly smooth and clear
Orientation - Bisexual, Switch (mainly sub)

Black and purple seems to remain Ali's theme, but that's about all she's kept in her wardrobe department of late.  The pale vampiress seems to have rather reinvented herself of late.  The old trashy clothes are out the window, to be replaced by a selection of clothes far more 'classy' in design.  

The scheme of her makeup remains similar, if a little more subtle, the same burgundy lipstick, but the eyeliner and purple eye shadow about her pale yellow eyes are more subdued and applied less liberally.  She still wears her nose, lip and eyebrow pierced with gold piercings, and still often seems to wear those yellow-tinted sunglasses.
Player:Eva Kova
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf