Princess Brizthara D'ulov

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Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White

A surface drow bearing the symbol of Eilistraee, either on a cloak, necklace, or any other small accessory on her person (unless stated otherwise)...

She possesses the customary grace of an exotic female, from the way she regards the world with a seductive half-lidded stare to her polite, soft voice perfect for whispering tantalizing promises within one's ear.  With regal, delicate features, her figure is no different, built for sin or a product of strict selective breeding: A bosom large enough to capture the eye as well as put a little strain on her slender back; a taut, flat abdomen often times tracing the faint outlines of her ribs or hips when stretched; a pert rear curving out sensually as it paves the way down to long, slender limbs ending in small dainty feet.

Her attire consists of fine dresses and popular skirts that either flaunt her shapely legs or the sensual valley of her cleavage.  With only the finest fabrics used, it is often easy to see her body's more intimate curves and contours through thin cloth or silk.  While looking good is obviously important, she keeps jewelry and other various accessories to a minimum, usually only wearing simple silver earrings, shades, or her decorative royal circlet.

Born on the surface as royalty in some land of little importance or value, this nubile, buxom princess is fairly knowledgeable of most surface customs and manner of speech, including slang and profanity.  Having spent several years in this peculiar realm already, experienced both its joys and horrors, she has changed significantly from her quirky yet slightly arrogant self, now often quiet and reserved.  However, short glimpses of temper, passion, and/or lust are not rare within this exotic dark-elven creature.


Fun Facts

Nickname: Brizzy
Measurements: 32D-22-35
Disposition: Submissive
Handedness: Left
Sensitivity: Ears
Scent: Citrus
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Oranges
Profession: Priestess
Hobbies: Beauty Treatments, Lounging, Evening Walks, Erotica, Clothing


Not on the list?

> Kitsunes
> Public Sex
> Gore/Vore
> Bodily Wastes
> Effeminate Men
> Prolonged Slavery
> Heavy Torture & Bondage

> Anal Sex*
> Hermaphrodites*
> Permanent Alterations
> Multiple Partners
> Shemales*
> Females

> Depraved Creativity
> Affection & Flirting
> Teasing/Foreplay
> Beasts/Monsters
> Bondage Play
> Many More

* Depending on mood or situation/role-play


Player:Citrus Princess
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf