Dumas Blackthorn

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Race: Half-orc.

   A towering man, through his face, was spared from the more brutish features of his ancestors, menacing tusk, green complexion, and thick muscle give away his orcish blood.
  His eyes show intelligence, though also, cruelty and anger, often accentuated by warpaint. Over his head, an iron crown rest.
  Through, no more than 30 winters, his body holds many scars. Still, the green skin is in his prime.

About him:

Dumas is the bastard son of the defunct king of the lands of Thoulane. Recently, he took an army of combined orcish and human forces and took over the castle of his father and his crown. He reigns with an iron fist, though always threatened by his half-siblings' efforts to put his head in the executioner basket.

About Thoulane:

Thoulane is a small kingdom that can be reached from a portal hidden in a run-down house in Saban. It´s not fully built, but I´m steadily working on it (though, I suck). If you want to visit, ask me by tells and I´ll give you directions.

About my interests:

  I like drama ( IC)  and complex relationships, sometimes for good sometimes for bad and cooperative storytelling.
  Also, let´s be honest, this is an fuck server and I´m playing an orc. I like to erp, mostly themes about beautiful women submitting and the struggles that come with it.  Objectification of women, blackmail and extortion, leashes, bondage, slavery...all the nice things.
  Furthermore, I´m very interested in people that would like to play characters set on my humble plot of land. His siblings, rebels, nobles, merchants...as I said before, I really like to create stories cooperatively.


I´m tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human