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Race: Unknown
Gender: Feminine
Sex: Changing
Age: Appear to be a young adult
Height: 1.8 m.
Eyes: Deep cyan

This sensual creature have a eerie feeling about her. It is not easy to tell who or what she is.
The figure is obviously feminine though, tall, and with a pair of majestic antlers sprouting from sides of her head.

Her hair is a swirling mix of white and black. Pair of thick, soft silken braids streaming down her shoulders, with pair of twitching fuzzy ears perking out from the messy mane. On top of her head a swirling sign is formed by her hair. Reminding those who know about it to Yin-Yang circle.
Symmetric, well shaped face and cute button nose make her look beautiful and tender. Spray of freckles only add to the cute delicate face.
Overall, her body is soft, svelte and curvy where it matters. A little twitchy deer tail is perking from her back. tender round rear is flowing down into strong, steady legs ending with digitigrade calves and little cloven hooves.
Though, she may be seen posessing a quite normal human feet as well.

The girl seems to have a little naive expression most of the time. THough expression is quickly to change as her mood may sway any way.

      ,8888 888   ?888
      8888888P'    888
      888P'        888
      `88   O     d888
        `?._  _.o88888


The character is a chapeshifter and may look differently at times, though, usually the description match her look.

Lights: She have her story and way of RPing, also I wouldn't list all kinks here because it hugely depends on person(s) I play with.

Red: Usual server ban stuff. Godmoding, powermoding, metagaming. May depend on the mood. If I feel uncomfortable with something I will tell you.

Yellow: Characters without description and portrait.

Green: Good RP most of all, I would RP all what not listed in reds, yet she have her own likes and dislikes.

Whites: Long term relationships. Character development (doesn't meant short scnenes can't happen)

Tell friendly. Ask, if you have questions about her and I will try to answer.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf