Carylith Dy'enl

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0808/2014 - New Portrait! Available under her character profile on the Sinfar web client!

At a casual glance one would see a short statured girl with feline ears and tail. When still she takes on a cute, feminine pose as her back arches slightly to emphasize the ample curves of bust and bottom and her hands clasp cutely before her pelvis. She is often seen wearing a one piece outfit adorned in a short, frilled skirt which flares out from her curved hips.

She walks with a sensual, sexy sway of her wide hips, each step making the skirt flare lightly as her hips flow naturally back and forth with each step. Her face has a lovely feminine shape with soft edges and full pouting lips and long eyelashes bringing out her sharp green eyes. She seems to have soft, smooth skin, lacking the wears of age, weather or war making her likely in her early twenties. She stands at roughly five foot four, putting her a head or so below most other humanoids, though she often looks rather cross about something...

As ones eyes dip further down they would draw down her very accentuated female curves, her measurements a B102 W54 H93. So the likely first thing one would notice would be her ample bosom, enough to fill a 32HH bra. The breasts sit high and firm on her chest with a lovely round shape that draws the eye and a curve that pushes them well out from her chest. The ample orbs seem to have a tendency to jiggle at the slightest provocation, making one think that the girl goes without proper support under her blouse. Farther down her thin waist and slender back flares out into her curved hips which often are shifting back and forth, and rather enticing. Her flared hips accommodate her generous, voluptuous ass which swells out from her backside and often wobbles lightly with each step she takes. Below that her legs stretch down with her smooth thighs and down to her feet with almost cute toes. She walks with a sway to her hips, though rather then sexy it comes across as though she's rather uncomfortable or unsure of herself.

Her attitude is rather crass, and sometimes a bit cross with people, though most of the time she's grinning like an idiot or making stupid jokes. It's made somewhat jarring by her soft, feminine voice speaking such words.

Greens (No permission required!)
Flirting, womanizing, sexism & groping all in public

Reds (Not happening, sorry!)
Scat, children, blood and gore

Feel free to send a tell if you're not sure!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf