Tenebre Puissance

le Chevalier Ténèbre
le frisson viendra


Tenebre was born into a long line of Paladins. His grandfather was a PALM in The Crusaders of Righteousness Guild, also known as COR, in Neverwinter long before the Wailing Death. //OOC This was back in the days of the old DOS "Gold Box" version of NWN on AOL.

He was born into the family estate outside of Waterdeep. He thought he didn't have the temperament to make a good paladin like the rest of his family. He joined the Waterdeep Chapter of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary of the Order of the Radiant Heart through the influence and pressure of his father and grandfather.

It soon became apparent that if he actually was inducted into the Order, he would probably be decapitated before his first five years were up. When this was explained to his grandfather and father by the prelates, they all agreed that it would be best if he voluntarily left the Auxiliary.

He quickly joined the Harmonious Order, but he preferred the company of the bards that the Order encouraged to accompany them. He even picked up some of the rudimentary skills of a musician. Drinking and wenching along with the bards, his actions bordered on hedonism. He thought that even this permissive order of paladins was too strict for him.

He decided he would become a follower of Sune. He certainly had the physical requirements. He had contacted members of the Sisters and Brothers of the Ruby Rose, but before he could join he was press-ganged into service on a slave ship after a night of inebriation with the bards.

Once he'd become sober and gotten over his hangover, he found himself far out to sea. The fact that it was a slave ship bound for another plane left a bitter taste in his mouth. He befriended a wizard who had also been press-ganged. They started plotting to prevent the ship from being portalled offworld.

Being a fighting man, he was supposed to be happy to be used for shipboard combat. Most of the bards he was with were bound to be slaves, so he became a liason between the slaves and the plotters.

When the time came that the portal was to be opened, the wizard he'd befriended freed the slaves and tried to counteract the spells the ship's mages were using to open the portal. In the meantime, Tenebre and the other unhappy press-ganged fighters slew the officers and captain of the ship. The spells cast by the wizard and mages resulted in a portal opening along with a maelstrom. They had succeeded in that the ship did not arrive at its intended destination, but after the storm and shipwreck, the survivors learned that they were no longer on Toril.

He had landed in a different world. The locals called it the Kingdom of Kissmet. He fell into a stupor of hedonism: sex and drunkeness. He did not know how long he was in that state. He and the wizard he'd befriended on the slave ship had become fast friends. It was the wizard who'd supported him during his hedonistic stupor.

He then met a woman who had the most profound effect on his life. One WinterRose, a vampire and leader of the Darkheart clan. She turned him and his life changed forever. Soon, she became Prince of the clans and he became leader of the Dark Lotus clan and her consort. He changed his name to Tenebre Puissance during this time. His given first name is hidden within his new chosen name.

While he still worshipped Sune, he could no longer become a member of the order that served her. He was now undead. Her followers would try to kill him.

The plane that contained Kissmet became unstable. It is not known how long it will last. Two other members of the Clans, Dina Washima and Lady Sari Washima, encouraged Tenebre to come to the world of Sinfar.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human