Name: Juliet
Race: Greater Tanar'ri (Greater Succubus)
Sex: Shemale
Height: 6ft
Weight: 180
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Green
Breasts: D
Build: Slightly Toned
Tattoos: Magical runes seem to run up her thighs and arms


The sound of hooves hitting stones would normally be heard as the large woman would walk pass with swaying hips. An tail would dance behind her, flicking with a mind of it's own, ending with a spaded tip. More often than not a skirt would barely cover those thick butt cheeks that would bounce with her movements. Pale thighs would be the only exposed flesh normally, each step showing the traces of muscle dance up along them, causing it to flex beneath those tattoos that ran up the pale flesh. Deep green eyes would gaze from behind long black bangs, pointed incisors hugging her blue painted pillows. Every so often her pierced tongue would flicker out over her lips as if she could taste what was on the air, her nails dragging up her thighs, or the sides of the company she normally kept.

This lovely figure would seem to walk and move with sinful delight, those long leathery wings stretched out normally behind her, or folded against her back. Long black strands of hair would fall down to cover her ass, that tail swaying through the strands, while horns would slip out of her forehead. Her scent always smelled of that of blue berries and vanilla, yet it dripped with pheromones as well. Though one would at first only catch such delights, those with a stronger nose would smell the glistening sweat that always dripped down her body, sex, brimstone. To some it could be mind numbing, dominating, or simply a repellant.

Her attire would seem to constantly change, switching from that of robes, to an scantily short skirt that would cause that veiny, girth to be seen slapping between her thighs. More often than not she'd have a silk strand tying it to her inner thigh, it's tip leaking those potent juices down her skin, only for it to add to the glistening coating that covered her figure. It's underside would contain various piercing, with one large one through the head.

A staff would often be in her grasp, or a long sword that was strapped to her back, her body would radiate arcane energy from deep in her core, the Succubus radiating an abnormal beauty, that was normal due to her demonic heritage. Some people who had left the lands of Styss would recognize the Succubus as Juliet. It'd be a wonder what stupid fool had tried to pull her out of the abyss after being banished back there or has that much time passed that she was able to leave once again?
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human