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Dai'chi is slightly shorter than the average human male, standing about 5'5".  The only normally visible parts of his body that aren't covered in soft, black, leopard-spotted fur are his face and hands; his forearms also lacking fur, but displaying matching tattoos.  

His long, flowing hair is not quite thick enough to cover the unmistakeable cat ears that stick out from the sides of his head.  His black tail hangs suspended behind him, often swishing back and forth slightly, and he wears no shoes on his cat-like, clawed feet.  

His voice is somewhat on the quiet side, not loud or boisterous, and rather soothing, as if he is purring as he speaks.  If one were to get within about a foot of him, they might detect a hint of a metallic musky scent, almost like iron, by no means overpowering even at very close range.  He appears to be in his early thirties by human standards, though it would be difficult to guess his exact age.

In previous times, Dai'chi was something of a ladies man, until 23 Oct 2017 when he found his one and only, a lovely, kind, fierce sun elf named Amorita!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human