Alexander The Thul


Often times these days the Thul actally is seen as a normal human. Having taken over the mind and body of a victim he is using this outer shell to hide among the populace and seek out his own sick twisted desires.

He galavants about as a tall rugged looking sailor with dark messy hair and bright blue eyes. A casual smile usually on his lips and a look that hides a much darker intelligence.

The Thul...

The Thul are an offshoot of an ancient race, a strange creature of supreme psionic force and power wich at the same time is utterly insane. They are originally of the race the K'thtok, however they are what someone would call a genetic anamoly. Larger, stronger and more powerful. They used to be used as the guardians of that race before they staged an overthrow. The whole race was almost wiped out before the Thul were conquered and destroyed utterly. There race was purged from the blood of the K'thtok...

Or so they thought... now.. the Thul have returned...

Weight - Massive
Height - Massive
Race - Thul
DIsposition - Crazy canibalistic enslaving vicous villanous monster of scariness?

Draped usually in a ragged cloak worn over broad shoulders. The rippling mass of flesh has several clawed appendages wich slide out there and there from the form, within that dark envelop of flesh and muscle one can see rippling tendrils and what appears to be a multitude of snaping maws. Red eyes that look malevolent in nature... and hungry....

(Beneath the Cloak)...

The thul, unlike the normal K'thtok are slightly amorphorous of shape. All K'thtok are born semi aquatic, and there general shape at birth shows this. However while normal K'thtok generally take on a shape more suited to dwelling upon land, the Thul do not. Their toes have small amounts of webbing beteween there fingers as well as the clawed digits of their hands. In addition there thighs split apart into several long flowing tendrisl that drape down there form. There biceps as much the same. Though they can wind themselves about the limbs to appear more muscular and enhance there own strength. Within the water they have multiple multiple tendrils about there arms and legs wich they use for propulsion.

In addition to this while normal K'thtok have a large tail wich has many uses, the Thul do not, instead they have several hole orfices along there back trailing up there spine on either side. These orfices protrude strange mouthed tendrls which open up into toothed maws, circular in shape which look designed to rip and tear at flesh. The general face of the Thul is similiar to that of normal K'thtok. The many tendriled maw showing its roots towards that of the illithid though being much more muscular. However the tendrils are slightly shorter and more muscular, rigid in points and appearing to have a sharp spine at the end of each for grabbing.

The mouth parts in addition look like they are designed to contract inwards to open up towards a large gaping maw in the middle lined with sharp razor like teeth, clearly marking this creature as a carnivore. From within that mouth can extrude a very long overly large tongue which curiously enough would have a stinger at the end of it wich it can extrude at will. This stinger having a very potent toxin within which has many many uses....

Lastly between those thighs,is a thick dark length of cock. The shape of it slightly large at the tip as well as having slight deviations in the shape along its length, almost looking like there are light nubs which extend out when arroused to keep its member within whatever orfice it happens to be claiming. Beneth those twin lengths is a heavy sack with not two but six large heavy cum laden balls looking potent and heavy with seed.

Reds - Scat, Puke, Permanent things without asking first.

Yellows - Taking slaves, Romance, Watersports, Torture.

Greens - ROLEPLAY!!! (gasp), Hard Vore, Butchering, Mind Control, Being Dominant, Giving oral/Anal/Vaginal, rough play, size play, cum play, face fucking, hot dogging, tit fucking, cum swelling, impregnation, beastiality, temporary enslavement, facials, bukake, groups, cuckolding, bdsm, bindings, gags, use of aphrodaisiacs, tentacles, multiple pentrations, Odd penetrations and probly alot more that I cant think of at the moment. If your curious about anything or I didnt list something your interested in just send a tell and ask and Ill let you know!!!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc