Tallara Baenath

Beneath the glowing red of her infravision, lies two violet eyes that survey every living thing she sees with an almost clinical and slightly malicious glance.

Her demeanor is often cold and calculating, everything she says, seems to have another meaning.

Her frame is slight as one might expect of a Drow, around her waist is a belt with small pouches and one not so small.  On her right hand is metallic glove, with various arcane symbols, most notably, a spider engraved on the back of it.

When she is bored, she sits and cleans her hands with an intense bit of scrubbing at points as if removing something that only she can see...

Second daughter and Yath'tallar of House Baenath.. and Tallara LOVES her duties.. especially at sacrificial moments...

Fair warning Tally is a sociopath, she can function as your best friend, while dumping bodies in the bay and you'd never know it (IF she was human, but in this case, even other Drow look like saints next to her).  Having a limited amount of emotions, attempts to in intimidate her will 99% of the time, fail..  She doesn't know HOW to be afraid, Fear is for sheep.


Make them up as I go, but no bathroom, no pedo, no futa, no shemales, no death, no mutilation and no BS, like logging when you don't like the scene.. Logging is for cock teasers and losers.

Any SRP will be hard to get to, so guess what you have to really RP and if that's your only goal with her.. well best pack your bags and go find a rent a thing to smex...
Player:Pax Fortuna
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf