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Name ~ Delphine
Gender ~ Female
Apparent Age ~ 33 years old
Height ~ 5'7
Race ~ Appears Elven


This lovely creature is a strange dichotomy of many things.

Unlike many on the Isle, she appears to be in her early 30s, with a sweet, motherly face and full figure, softened by age. But despite this, there's an innocence and shyness in her demeanor that befits a woman in early adulthood, not one experienced as a wife or mother.

And though her long, delicately pointed ears suggest a fey heritage, Delphine has the more generous height and physique of a human. A half-elf, or something more complicated...?


The woman's skin is flushed with a healthy, rosy hue, as pure and unblemished as a fine pearl. Long, freely flowing locks of pale pink frame her heart-shaped face, wind-swept and often messy. They are complemented by ghostly blue eyes, always bright and intense, sparkling with an ethereal shine. Her wide, soft lips are often painted a delicate pink, shining with a soft gloss.

Though she's far from muscular, there's no denying Delphine is the epitome of "curvaceous," with a mature yet enticing figure. A large, swollen bust with a gentle teardrop shape, weighing down the front of her clothing. The woman always seems to go to great lengths to hide her chest, as if she's embarrassed rather than proud of it.

Her slender waist flares out to very wide hips, generously fertile, an eye-catching curve that leads to her plump thighs--tapering to long but leanly muscular legs. As for her rear, well...perhaps one of the reasons she wears robes is because those  round, jiggling globes could hardly be contained by most pants or skirts, a lavishly thick rear with more than enough padding.


Last but not least, the woman seems extraordinarily quiet. Shy, though quick to put on a gentle smile, she keeps to herself whilst observing the goings-on around her.

It always looks like she wishes to involve herself with those around her, and yet some stronger restraint keeps her at a perpetually safe distance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Green: Dominant male partners! Devious mages, fiends, non-consensual/coerced sex, kidnapping, stalking, master/slave or master/pet, collars, impregnation, tentacles, feral creatures, shapeshifters, minotaurs, werewolves, ferals, corruption, bondage, spanking, breast/nipple play, Stockholm Syndrome. Being approached!

I'd adore something long-term with Delphine, where a dominant type takes it upon himself to capture and corrupt her--maybe with a twisted type of romance, arousing an unhealthy love between the two.

Yellow: Unintelligent monsters, orcs, fully consensual ERP, good/gentle types

Red: Women/shemales/herms in ERP. Vanilla, healthy romance/sex/relationships. Toilet play, gore.

Very tell friendly! <3
Player:Closer than Heaven
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human