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Alias: Muffin, Ginger.
Race: Halfling.
Age: Young adult.
Origin: Who cares?
Hair: An unkept mess of carroty strands over her head.(Not so clean).
Style: Sloppy, junky-ish.
Eyes: Deep blue.
Body: Skinny.
Scent: Natural female blend. (Sweaty female skin in true).

Muffin is more a slum rat from any dirty alley of Aglon.  A free will person that don´t cares about any shit than drinking, hunting and having fun.
Behavior: Misbehaved, stubborn and chaotic. She has her own slang words that she calls "Muffin code", so I´ll put it some keywords above to help you on interacting with her.

"Getting muffined" = Being fucked.
"My fatty muffin" = Her sex.
"Muffing" = Fucking.
"Muffinous behavior" = Bitch mode on.
"Muffinished" = Dead.
"Muffinic" Something that´s real good (At least to her).


Red flag: Pooplay, ERP/SRP with female characters, it include everything else that has pussy / boobs.
Fell free to ask stuffs about her if you want.

**************Tell friendly.***************
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human