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Dianna is a young innocent succubus. She has slim and beautiful body and an enviable figure that there are only in the dreams of mortals.

She has long black horns as obsidian, clear skin as the purest of the snows and red lips as the flames of hell. She cover her body with delicate cloth and decorates with them her breasts and her long legs.

When she can... she hide her two great black wings and her demon tail. Seem her infernal heritage not pleased her. She consider herself a monster and she struggles agains temptations that her succubu's blood gives.

Sometimes she is defeated by her blood... and the true succubus take the control... she is consumed into dar pleasures. Diana lives in fear of succumbing to her nature and surrender to pleasure... She is always fighting and anything can make her let it go.

Danger Danger! : All thinks not permitted by the rules of the server.

Warning!:  Try it!  Dont worry.... if i dont like it i dont get mad with you.

Let's go!:  Roleplay is alive and unexpected... Suprise me!

I'm Spanish and i think my english is really bad.... But i will try to do my Best! Thanks you!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human