Race: Human (returned)
Age: ¿?
Gender: ¿?

Someone sensitive to it can feel how this girl has some type of artificial soul, something that should not be possible.

¿What happened with this girl?


RED:OOC drama (if you start im not gonna give any answer) trios, orgies, bdsm, scat, vore, gore rape (without consent), mutilation

WHITES: corruption, alteration, transformation, use of parasites, being turned into a pet(can accept more ideas), turned into a pet or a demon, abduction (use a facehugger if you want!!), futanari. lots of things are here :)

Maybe a super white can be the use of parasites for various rps, use the imagination! .

ask if you need something, i can change the lights if something needed, the exceptions can happen.

thanks and see you in the game!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human