Noelle McCoy

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Noelle is presented before you like some sort of gift-wrapped treat, often with a small choker or a pretty bow on the back preventing anyone from just willy-nilly bruising her neck with a love bite.  Her nubile form is covered in swathes of tight-fitting and curve-hugging clothes that give off the vibe this young human girl tried to hide her child-bearing hips and full tits behind confining cloth so none could notice just how darn tooting cute and breed-able she was.

She is often seen hugging a large tome to her chest to hide either the handfuls of tits or her blushing freckled cheeks behind the rim of the leather bound tome depicting elves in prolonged sexual acts etched in the cover.  A book of Elven Erotica, one of many volumes, and by the look of the little eye-glassed sorceress and part-time librarian, she had read each and every one of those other editions before it without daring to enact any of those vividly imaginative ways to get knocked up herself...

Her inquisitive and nervous mind finding thrills in all kinds of deplorable depravity and fantasizing about having her tummy so full it'd bulge obscenely--all tucked safely in the head covered by shoulder-length locks of curly red hair, spilling wildly in the wind when she didn't bind it into a proper bun for work.

Noelle's scent was that of lavender and musty tomes, mostly trying to hide the smell of her "love" for reasons unknown.  Were someone lucky enough to rip her clothes apart to look for the source of that lingering smell, it'd be discovered all was to hide the scent of that youthful little pussy trembling in excited anticipation, smooth, slick, and glistening already.  Rare, it was, for one to need actual lube to just sink into her little six-inch fuck tunnel and bump the very limits of her quivering body, taunting the invader to pummel harder or deeper and transform her pussy to the very shape of the invader's cock.


+ Protecting her vulnerable, fertile womb!
+ Blushing at the sight of cocks, tentacles, and thick lubed-up ovipositors.
+ Flirting hard enough to blush and push her glasses up the bridge of her dainty nose in reflex.
+ Tensing up and wailing cutely when someone probes her precious inner gates.
+ Feeling her belly swell from the massive volume of seed or eggs! <3
+ Getting bent over, having her tits fondled, or used on all fours.


- Clingy, desperate people.
- Being eaten, bled, or exploded, or used as a toilet for the sake of "fun."
- Stiff, small rods unable to make her squeal.
- When the long dating and cuddling doesn't lead to mind blowing rough sex or violating of her soft, pink rose-petals.
- Awkward conversations with broken speech (bad grammar).
- Men claiming "open relationships."

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human