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Minette ?

A naughty bad urban girl with slutty manners and a pulpeous body chewing a magic gumlike substance with which she'd made pink bubbles from her seemingly soft lips ; followed by a "pop" as it would explode and she'd chew it back in.

Gifted by mother nature with a healthy bust against her will , she has a little cute deep red heart shaped tattoo on her left breast. While her rear isn't on the rest either as she walks along and sways her fleshy broad hips. Wiggling her bubbly asscheeks with her soft and as if swollen pussy swelling from in between her thigh gap underneath.

Just showing her lusty naughtyness off to man , shemales or the world in her mostly tight cloths. Thus feeling their eyes on her as she walks by , getting whistled at and making a gumbubble to "pop" with a naughty curled chew and hipbump.

But besides that she'd be in for some adventuring or plots to happen. Although nobody would know what her dearest dreams would be.


Sex : Female
Color : Chatain
Age : Somewhere in her thirties
Tendency : Straight

Red : F/F , Phenoshifters , Switchtalkers , Imposing your vision of her , Poo play , Fortuit Mutilation (sadism) , Physical changes (except consented piercings , tatoos , etc..), Zombies & Creepy Dead Things , Incest , Forced upon her impregnation , Pregnancy , Overnatural bloating , Rape & Mysogenious RP without RP consent , Masters , Mindcontrol.

Yellow : M/F+F & To long cuddles...

Green : M/F, M/M/F, M/M/M/F, SM/F, etc..From a tease or simple hug to deep loving smutty hardcore SEX (the same you all look at on the web :p)  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human