Kristin Tanner

Kristin's mother recently confessed to her that the man she knew as her father really wasnt the one who helped make her.   Her father was actually a one night stand her mother had, who actually ended up getting arrested the morning after for a long list of crimes.  If you're interested in the idea of playing her new father, let me know!

A once familiar figure is once again on the streets of Sinfar, wearing her signiature skirt and witch hat, Kristin has come home once again.  Years have passed since she was in Sinfar, having been traveling on various jobs to help those she was able to with her magic.  She certainly has come a long way from a girl trying to fix a botched spell to an extremely skilled mage.  A few changes can be seen on her, for one, those mouth watering breasts, still just as beautiful as ever, have her nipples in a constant stiffened state.  It's difficult to say if that's a result of magic, or just from being exposed all the time.  Another more prominent change is her eyes.  All of the powerful magic she has been exposed to has changed them a bit, one would notice that her eyes are constantly shifting color, one moment they may be blue, the next green, then maybe red, all through the spectrum of visible light.  One thing that hasnt changed for her, though, is that she's never seen without her spellbook relic, either in hand, or tied at her belt.  Thieves have attempted to steal it several times, but the book remains bound to her, always returning to her after a short time.  She remains a kind and warm woman, always willing to chat and meet new people, and a mercenary of sorts, helping those she can, though not always requesting much for payment.

Reds and greens

Greens: Large cocks, lots of cum, fondling, incest, impregnation, shemale/herms, men, women, unique characters (The stranger the better), lactation (Obviously), vaginal, creampies, halflings

--On a side note, I'm always interested in rping with unique creatures who's goal is to breed Kristin, halfling and small yet well endowed races are preferred, but not exclusively what I'd be looking for :)  The more unique, the better.  And it's even more fun when the offspring grow up and want to repeat the process with Kristin!

Reds: Anal, pain, blood, torture, toilet play, age play, cruelty
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human