Gwendolynn Liamytholin

The Elven woman walks about with an air of quiet confidance, her head held high and a slight smile playing on her ruby painted lips. Her jade green eyes look about those around her with a hint of magical energy behind her gaze.
Her body is the peak of Elven beauty. Slim, graceful lines void of body hair. Legs long and slightly toned, capped by a slight bubble butt, firm enough to bounce a coin off.
Her bust is firm and perky. Edging just slightly into the C-cup range. Each teardrop shaped mound capped by an almost always erect nippel. The clothing she favours is often loose and revealing, showing ample skin and cleavage, with underwear being a rareity.
Between her legs lies her womanly slit, void of hair like the rest of her body.

Reds: Toilet play, Underage/loli characters.

Yellows: Not realy interested in male characters, sexual scenes in the middle of a busy area, or being the dominant partner.

Greens: Lots, favourites include females, shemales, hermaphrodites, futanari, tentacles, anthromorphs, animals, restraints, tentacles, D/s play, goo-girls, oviposition (egg laying), vore, rape/forced, and many more.

Big white for dominant shemale/herm/futa characters that like molesting Elven sorceroress' (Bonus kinky points for female Drider like characters, slime/ooze girls, plant demoness', giant slug-like creatures, and other monsterous and demonic type women) If being more forceful, just find a way of restraining and gagging her so she can't cast any annoying spells to escape ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf