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(I will state it now, this is in no way anything even CLOSE to a kitsune or any other fox spirit. This is an anthropomorphic fox, or if you like to call them that: Foxling. All her powers are based on what she learned and what happened to her while she was alive, its nothing "natural" or "based on her race")

Faelyn is not a very tall fox, being 3'5 ft and pretty slim at that. Her fur is white and looks soft. Its hard to deduce her physicality, as its under thick layer of fur.

To have fur out of the way! It is indeed very soft, well groomed and delicate to the touch. And it is true, she has alot of it, and joining it with the color it represents, one could deduce that perhaps her homeland was some cold area.

Clothes she wear may differ of course, but there is a general rule. She doesn't seem to care if some of her parts are uncovered, but she still finds clothing as aesthetically nice and pretty.

Her eyes are bloody red, always shining with life and energy. Her ears aren't as big, as they present itself to be, but because of how ruffled her fur on those parts is, it might seem like she has huge, pointy pair of those. Tail seems to be its own being, as it usually brushes against her body at random, as if aiming for attention. It looks like a big paint brush, white and covered in the biggest amount of fur, being almost as wide as her waist.

Her naughty bits are hidden among her fur. Her breasts are small with equally non spectacular hips. Her nether lips are also secured by a thic layer of fur, it doesn't grow directly around it, but its placed in a way, that it covers it entirely without being a problem if someone would want to have a go with her.

Her demeanor is very life like, she's usually cheerful, happy, flirty or just positive about life. Sometimes she combines some of those aspect, sometimes she leaves out some of those.

Now for some ooc thingies!

What might affect you?

She has an aura of mediocre range (The usuall range comfortable for talking) that affects anyone with male parts, making them horny. The strength of this is very subtle, but its there. This is not some sort of scent based thing, neither is she in heat, it has a magical nature.

Now Whenever it does affect your toon, or not, is really up to you. Also its up to you how strongly will it affect you and all that. You can even ignore it and..gasp! I won't get mad!

As of lights? I don't care! *shrugs* That doesn't mean I might enjoy some things, but! I do enjoy nicely rp'ed stuff soo...there's that!
Player:Blind Monk
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling