Su'nikaelia Suliengwecin

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Theme song:
Billy Joel:  She's Always a Woman

The sleek, straight dark hair falls in a shiny sheet down her back, the shorter strands in front habitually having to be brushed from the bright green eyes.  A smattering of freckles brush across the high cheekbones and the bridge of the straight, fine edge of her nose, even more emphasized by the ivory complexion.  Her eyes are usually outlined with a ring of black kohl, making the bright eyes stand out even more, the wide, full mouth brushed with a bold red nearly always.  The eyes are a vibrant jade, shot through with variations of color that make them changeable with emotion and temperment.

Her body is lithe,  toned and sleek.  The elven features are sharp;  fine edged nose, high cheekbones, defined jaw, delicately curved and pointed ears.  Her flesh is firm and inviting, still, her actions reminiscent of a lazy cat.  She moves with the confidence of someone familiar with her own body, and not afraid to use it.

The right ear is ruined from lobe to just below the tip, a mire of scar tissue and missing flesh usually covered by the fall of the layered raven tresses.  

Her left wrist bears a scar from the heel of her hand to half-way up her forearm, characteristic of a triangular shaped burn caused by the application of some hot object.  On the middle finger of her left hand is a plain gold band, too big for her finger.

Her speech would portray that same confidence, her accent now holding the definite lilt of elven within the soft, rich burr that carries it.

Mostly I'll run with the RP.  Basic guidelines - she's not on the prowl for a "nice boots, lets fuck" kinda time.  She's not your toilet, or your mama.  If you have a question pop me a tell, I'm pretty chatty oocly.  I'll let you know if something makes me uncomfortable.

Red:  Pedo., scat, godgaming, usual stuff.  If its extreme, ask me.  creepy ooc tells.

Yellow:  torture, rape, non-consent stuffs,herms/she-males in sexual RP

Green:  stories, friendships, rivalry, intrigue, talking, relationships, ongoing RP.    Anything more specific - I'd rather RP for it :)  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human